Independent Contractor Agreement

I. Parties

This agreement establishes an arms-length contracting agreement between:



City, State, ZIP:  


Hereafter, “Contractor” and TDF Enterprises, LLC, an Iowa limited liability company, hereafter the “Company.”

The jurisdiction and forum of choice for this agreement shall be Scott County District Court in the State of Iowa.

II. Term and Amendments

This agreement shall be valid for a period of one year following execution by authorized representatives of each party and shall automatically renew for successive one-year periods.

The agreement may be terminated by either party with 14 days written notice to the other party.

This agreement may be amended at anytime by mutual agreement of both parties, executed in writing.

III. Scope of work

This agreement provides for two scopes of work. Either or both may be executed by the parties at any time under this lease.

  1. Contractor’s lease of buses from Company

The Contractor may lease buses from the Company for providing transportation services to its own clients.

  1. All reservations must be confirmed with a Company representative 7 days in advance using mutually agreed communication and reservations methods, and subject to availability of resources by the Company.
  2. The Company shall have no control over the Contractor’s rates charged to its own clients
  3. The Contractor shall be responsible for providing temporary re-branding of buses so as not be confused with the Company’s in-house operations.
  4. The Contractor is responsible for returning the buses in a clean and sanitized condition. The Contractor agrees to pay the Company a fee of $200 for cleaning and sanitizing any buses not returned in clean condition
  5. The Contractor shall be responsible for returning all buses with a full tank of fuel and additives (e.g. antigel) as appropriate. The Contractor shall provide the Company with timely copies of all receipts for fuel tax reporting. Alternatively, the Company may provide fuel at 110% of Company’s actual cost of fuel. The Contractor agrees to pay more than 100% to account for Company’s time and administrative overhead.

The Contractor shall pay a rate of $75.00 per hour to the Company and will provide its own drivers, subject to these, and other terms of this lease.

2. Contractor’s providing of driving services to Company

The Company will pay a fee for driving services rendered to the Company by the Contractor.

  1. The Contractor will provide professional service as to not harm the reputation of the Company.
  2. The clients shall remain the clients of the Company and the Contractor agrees to not solicit future business from Clients of the Company.
  3. The Contractor is responsible only for removing trash from the bus upon return.
  4. Any balance due by the Company’s clients and paid to the Contractor shall be immediately paid to the Company

The Company shall pay the Contractor the following rates for such services rendered:

    2 hour local wedding - $85100 (includes any prepaid gratuity up to $50)

   3 hour local wedding - $100 (includes prepaid gratuity up to $50)

   4 hour local party - $80  (excludes any gratuity prepaid, less processing fees)

   5 hour local party - $100 (excludes any gratuity prepaid, less processing fees)

   <40 miles drivetime one-way - $15 per direction

   <100 miles drive-time one-way - $30 per direction

Other rates may apply as mutually agreed by the parties.

The Contractor hereby consents to receive payments via direct deposit.

IV. Additional Terms

  1. The buses shall at all times be maintained by the Company. The Contractor is responsible for performing appropriate pre-trip inspections, signing corresponding logs, and notifying the Company of any deficiencies.
  2. The Contractor shall perform minor in-trip maintenance such as topping off fluids, as necessary.
  3. The buses will always be operated under the Company’s USDOT number and operating authority.
  4. The Contractor shall be required to abide by all USDOT FMCSA regulations, including Hours of Service, mobile device usage (distracted driving), and Drug/Alcohol usage regulations. The Company will not provide ELDs.
  5. The Company shall provide for minimum liability insurance as required by Federal and/or State law. The Contractor shall immediately notify the Company’s authorized representative and agrees that neither the Contractor nor its drivers will admit fault, guilt, or liability, nor sign any documents excluding law enforcement citations without the consent of the Company.
  6. The Contractor’s drivers must all be pre-approved by the Company, its insurance carrier, and its regulators. The Contractor agrees to provide the Company with all relevant records for all drivers including but not limited to copies of drivers licenses, medical certificates, and authorization to run driving records and drug/alcohol history as part of this approval process. Any drivers of the Contractors may be disqualified by the Company for failure by the Contractor to provide these records. The Contractor further agrees that all drivers of the Contractor shall be subject to random drug/alcohol tests as required by the Company and/or its regulators.
  7. The Contractor shall be responsible for, and liable to the Company, any violations, citations, fines, etc occurred on the fault of the Contractor.


Signed and agreed


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